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Let me start by saying Merry Christmas eve....wait for it EVE.  Although it's Christmas Eve it does not feel like it partially because I live in California and more specifically the Bay Area.  Let's get real guys minus the #hellastorm we suffered from recently the weather doesn't exactly scream winter wonderland.  

It's alright because that means I have the freedom to wear really whatever I want.  Today my focus was styling my fur vest and originally I admit I was aiming for a boho girl vibe but I think I just became confused attempting it. I paired up my new floral blouse from ZARA because deep blue and brown work well together being both dark toned and I rocked my forever cute velvet skirt from Ebay. To complete my look I added my Silkies tights; which has some really good quality tights. Sometimes I think we forget how a great pair of tights can pull an outfit together. Tights totally add a bit of class and even elongate your legs; and hey it doesn't hurt to look a bit taller am I right?

That's the post and have a happy Merry Christmas Eve eve!!

H&M Vest
ZARA blouse 
Ebay skirt 
Gypy Rose necklace
ZARA boots

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