Self Reflection: 2014

12:56 PM Allison K 3 Comments

2014 is coming to a close and let me just say 2014 was a craaaazy year for me. So many things changed in my life this year starting from me finishing high school, celebrating my first blog anniversary, joining Teen Vogue fashion click network, and starting university!  

(This post is wordy if you don't want to read it like it's ok ahah)

I think most definitely I grew up in a lot of ways and also finally started expressing and showing my inner child! I remember in high school I didn't show a lot of myself and kept to doing my fashion thang but coming to college I feel I can just how I really am and it's crazy liberating. Like let's get real guys since starting college I got two tattoos and a nose piercing.   I mean getting used to college will still take time for me because I take weird stages to adjust to anything but so far it's great. I met so many awesome people in my department who love fashion as much as I do and I've managed to remain close to my squad back here at home. 

It's been a great year and I like to take a moment to acknowledge how far Brokehell has grew throughout the year.  Even though it's only been a year I feel what I accomplished has been monumental.  I admit Brokehell will only grow bigger but I'm proud because considering I used to take solo shots on a tripod in my backyard and had to balance going to school from 7am to 3pm + balance my violin training, college leveled fashion classes, and friends I did gr8.  It was a year I worked with amazing brands and met and found really nice bloggers and other people!  I'm so excited for what's in store for 2015 because I'm starting a writing internship with Collegefashionista (if you didn't know) I'm vibinnn like crazy Brokehell will become bigger seeing as I'll be entering my second year! 

I want to also thank you guys for reading my blog and leaving nice comments I'm sorry I don't always respond but I do read them and they do make me smile :) Thanks for also continuously reading my blog it makes me feel good inside and please don't forget you can always contact me to chat or ask me for advice, or even feel free to ask me for college advice Brokehell is here for you guys to ask me anything ok!! :) (and even feel free to request posts from me!)

Thanks again I'm super excited for the new year and new outfits! :) I hope you guys have a kickass new year and please stay safe okay!?? :)


  1. Awwww I spy meeee! ^_^
    haha dude, no doubt you'll do big things in life and this is only the tip of the ice burg. You are such a mad talented friend and I am so blessed to have met you during our first year at AAU. I have no doubt you will not only reach all your goals, but exceed to greater heights than you've ever imagined :]


  2. I totally loved this post. This makes me thing about how I've changed this past year..

    Eea P

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Thank you for the super nice comments! :-) Sorry if I don't respond to all of them but I do read them and they do make me smile hehe