White Lies

8:20 AM Allison K 3 Comments

One word probably just popped into your mind when you saw this outfit and it was Beetlejuice.  I'm basically female Beetlejuice if only I had my white hair back it would probably make it even better.

 I give credit to nextshe for helping me achieve Beetlejuice status with this awesome blazer; no lie I've been wanting a stripped blazer for probably two years but never made the conscious effort to find one. This is easily one of my favorite outfits because no lie I still love monochrome fashion and if summer Allison were here right now she would be flipping tables at this outfit.  What I especially love is how my knee high socks from silkies they look so cute with my blazer and I looove how they look with my patent booties.

*Nextshe blazer
*silkies Knee highs
American Apparel skirt
Cotton on Blouse
Markkit Necklace

**this post is sponsored**


  1. Yup, that's what I immediately thought and now I have an urge to go and watch the damn show again :D Love this blazer, it's amazeballs!

  2. I'm glad you have mention of "Beetle juice fashion," because that's what I first thought of it--Beetle juice meets fashion actually. I love the blazer. Your fashion is very retro, quirky and FUN. I'd LOVE for you to model one of the handbags from my handbag collection. Do expect an business email from me soon!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Things would not be right in the world if you hadn't mentioned Beetlejuice.. It would've drove me nuts trying to put my finger on what this reminds me of. Disaster averted! ;)
    Definitely a bold, stylish outfit.


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