Above the Middle

8:26 AM Allison K 3 Comments

I love this cardigan so much; the second I saw it on online I knew I needed it in my closet.  I remember actually seeing this cardigan for a much heftier price from other stores so when I got this for $17 I was preeetty happy.  I love speckled 3d print because it makes an outfit so interesting. It's almost like being a walking texture!

I know sweater on sweater can be pretty weird but it was extremely cold and I thought why not! What pulled it together was me layering underneath my white lace top which functions as a dress.  It was craazy windy that day so I added in my weirdly warm tights from silkies

Markkit necklace
Zara sweater
F21 cardigan
Urban Outfitters top
ZARA heels
H&M hat
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  1. The way you have layered these pieces looks amazing, love the combination of everything!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. I love your style.

    Eea P

  3. Hey! Love your blog :)
    How can I follow it!


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