An Actual Diary

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wow it feels like forever since I did a diary.  If you really want a sum up of what I've been up to it's been staying in bed and watching Friends on netflix.  


Ben and I went to a party with a stripper pole LOLOLOLOL

 Pizza with my best friend SHAYYYyayaya

Visited my kindergarten teacher !!

**actual thoughts post**

Forgive me for not doing a lot in terms of blogging like I said I would.  It's just after coming home from school I realized how mentally exhausted I am.  It's not that I'm miserable or anything it's just that I was constantly busy and always doing something fashion related or homework that I always felt like I was awake and now I just feel tired. I'm saying this because if I seem like I'm slowing down on blog work forgive me it's just that right now I'm just trying to take a huge break so I can gear up for the new semester.  For the new semester I plan to work with fashion friends and what not + I'm going to make it a focus to improve the overall quality of brokehell in terms of photography for you guys. Of course improving quality takes a lot of energy and seeing as I'm drained out right now from my first semester of college I rather just take some time off to enjoy my Winter Break instead of being a crazed fashionholic.

So yeah uh if I seem drained out (which some have pointed out to me) or very lacking I'm sorry. I really feel like I could be giving you so much more in terms of quality and content but I feel so tired right now that I don't have the energy at the moment :((
But I'm telling you right now just let me enjoy my ~*winter break~* and once I get back to school I'll be back with my fav fashion bffff friends (Krystyn) and I'll have the energy again to give you guys so much more :))


  1. The word you're looking for is burnout! :D I totally understand! Throughout the holidays I felt the same way, that is - mentally exhausted. And it's good to step away and recharge, because no one wants to abuse their selves by blogging when they don't feel like it! So take your time and we'll be here! ^_^

    1. aw thanks so much it makes me feel a lot better ;~~; being tired suxs lol

  2. I know exactly how you feel, sometimes you just need to take a break from blogging! Studying can be so exhausting and mentally draining, and blogging is the same, so don't worry about it! Take some time off and don't feel bad about it! xxx

    1. yeah! A break is nice because college is just so overwhelming omg! Thanks so much for understanding ;~~:


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