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Another day another diary! Way sorry there hasn't been an outfit but I hope you understand I restarted school so until I adjust to my new schedule it will be a tinnny bit slower with outfit posts!  Don't worry though I'm instead going to try to update you with other types of post for nowww

This diary is actually before I left! Basically I went to get pizza with Shay one last time before I left, Wholefoods with Imani for groceries, and also the water pics you see are of my front yard lol


  1. School sucks!!! :D I hated school so much when I was a teen :D
    I love your diary posts btw, keep em coming :D I love to have a glimpse at your life, it feeds my stalker needs!

    1. girrl thanks. omg no prob I am here to feed your stalker needs lol


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