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 This week has been one hell of a week. For the most part I spent it I guess going through some major self reflection.  I hadn't realized that for the past semester I kept bottling up a lot of my feelings and to put it simply I was busy living in the moment and living life I didn't really reflect on much.  Not to worry I'm pretty fine ok although I'll admit I do feel a little tired still I'm feeling a bit more refreshed and ready to be a functioning human being again lol. 

Anyway enough of my thoughts here is the stream of pictures of when I went out for you to ~*~*stalk~**~

Caught up with Carolineeee


Personally I don't know if it's apparent but if it is I bleached my hair! I finally found a salon that I think I'm going to stick to going to! The woman who did my hair is named Monica and I asked her to make me have platinum blonde hair with a silver tint which she did! I love it so much and she was amazing because no lie my hair was extremely splotchy and she was incredibly sweet and did a great job evening out my hair completely and not to mention she did a awesome job toning my hair into this silver shade (basically granny colored hair ehhe)

Gassinnnn up my car Galileo ~~

***hearts Clarissa***

The night squad and I went to Berkeley for our nightventures!

Fun fact: I was born and raised in Berkeley! Although I lived somewhere else my parents constantly worked as kids so I spent a lot time here with my Grandparents who watched me!

Clarissa Imani and I went to Berkeley for some Korean Burritoes, Boba, and of course CREAAAAM. I feel hella bad I haven't tried it till today but for the last 17 years I've thought I was lactose intolerant ok!!!! Anyway, I took the generic Cream Photo finally! I feel like I am finally a true Bay Area kid now because no lie Clarissa and I agreed you know you a Bay Area local when you visit and take a pic at Cream.

That's the post and let me say it's been a really nice refreshing week! c: I hope you guys have a nice week and I'll see you on Thursday with an outfit post


Thank you for the super nice comments! :-) Sorry if I don't respond to all of them but I do read them and they do make me smile hehe