Do You Really Know Me?

8:26 AM Allison K 14 Comments

 "Allison why do you like dressing like a school girl?" - asked by no one

Is it even a big shocker at this point I would dress like a school girl at this point? I think not!  Today I went for a darker school girl tone.  Rocking my Red lips tee with my velvet blazer layered over with a very cute treasure box bag I'm really going old school for you guys.

 When you don't know what to wear it never hurts to throw on your plaid skirt and go crazy.
What makes a plaid skirt such a great skirt to wear is because of the emotional attachment it gives off.  Stay with me on this but let's get real when you see a girl rocking a plaid skirt you probably think Cher from Clueless and smile to yourself a little bit because that movie was killer.  Wearing items of clothing with an emotional attachment or a history to it well it's basically the equivalent of rocking a classic no matter how you go about wearing it usually it will always be a great outfit. 

What can I say guys I go mad for plaid! (ahhaha that took me a minute to think up)

American Apparel skirt
Wildfox shirt
Grandma's Blazer
Shelly's London

**Bag was given to me for for free for review**
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  1. Awesome outfit! Love plaid skirts! xx

    1. thanks! Plaid skirts are ze

  2. Schoolgirl or not, nice outfit. I thought I'd hate these heavy shoes, but they actually look cool.

  3. your skirt is amazing! xx

  4. I love your outfit in this !

    I wish you a fabulous weekend
    With love from London,

    1. aw thank you have a nice weekend too! :)

  5. You do school girl outfits in such a cute way. It's SUPER sexy yet also very stylish. Playing off of your blog here, I don't know if guys go mad for plaid, but this one does! ;)

  6. A girl with two lips, it can make one confused which one to kiss. Going by the old school way is all fun. You've got the writing pad, glasses on the plaid skirt, literally you can experiment with everything. Great one.


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