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MANNNNAAAAAAAA <333 We have Digital techniques together n it feels awesome because once again we have class together again! 

I had class at 8:30am this morning. Holy balls I forgot how painful it is to wake up at 6am. 
Anyway, I had English this morning and the first thing I thought walking in was why the fuck is desk so small? Is it to confine us??? Is it to limit the amount of shit we can fit on the desk OR is it a test to see how much shit we can fit in? idk idk.  

Look at that picture of my materials the ~*aesthetic~* is a beauty.  Also I drank two coffees within an hour and let me tell you guys I was wired. It was pretty funny because my friend also drank coffee so him and I were twitching about during visual merchandising class.  

After I went with Enrique to buy supplies for class ++ I took his daiso virginity SHABAM.

Bro let me tell you Daiso is your best friend when you are in college.

Anyway that was class summed up for you guys.  Outfit post FINALLY coming tomorrow! lol also I will now begin to try to find classmates to take my outfit pics again lettuce look forward to that and wish me luck in asking! :)

N see you tomorrow right now I got SLAMMED with a shitload of reading for all of my classes and REALLY I gotta start that shit


  1. Bahahah, the desks are so tiny! :D I'd love to see your school outfits, do you have a dress code there?

    1. they are!!! My school outfits are pretty much the normal outfits from the blog :D Since I'm in college there isn't a dress code so I'm free to dress crazy!


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