Make Me Gold

8:10 AM Allison K 3 Comments

You ever just go through your closet and discover something that could possibly have came from a halloween costume?  No?  Yeah then it's probably more a me thing.  Looking into the closet that remains here at home I found my gold skirt I loved so much.  Back then I admit I dressed it up in a more funkier vintage way but of course my style has changed dramatically since I last wore it.  

I wanted to make my gold skirt pop out which pretty much explains why I look semi depressing.  It semi explains why I look like a walking funeral that found the my skirt?  Wearing my sheer button up mixed in with my chiffon trench helps keep the focus on the skirt because although it is black it's not as harsh and doesn't over shadow that gold.  

Thrifted skirt
Urban Outfitters skirt
American Apparel blouse
H&M Hat
ZARA boots
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  1. That's not semi depressing, it's semi AMAZING! :D Love the chiffon and the delicate materials you used in this outfit. Do I need to mention the skirt at all? It's everything I ever wanted from a skirt! *_*

  2. Not depressing at all - you look amazing!
    ❤ Jessica |

  3. Black is my fave--no downer here :) Love the mix of sheers with the gold lamé of the skirt. So pretty!

    Xoxo, Shelly


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