New Year New Shoes

4:25 PM Allison K 1 Comments

New year that means new heels to join the squad! I'm welcoming my new Shellys London boots I scored on mega sale from Urban Outfitters! At first I bought the black pair because I was trying to find a more comfortable pair of 4 inch black heels.  (and I bought the silver ones because I thought they looked like mermaid shoes lol) Not that I don't love my TBA Misdeamor but I admit for the hills of San Francisco they are extremely hard to function in because they don't have grip to them.  That's precisely why I love these boots because they have a grip on the bottom which helps me basically stick to the ground and the heel drop isn't as scary because I have a one inch platform support.

Keep that in mind if you want to get into wearing high heels guys! If you aren't ready to do a huge heel drop then a pair of heels like these are perfect for you. They will give you that height you want but also keep your foot leveled. 

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  1. I just bought some platform sandals and some booties yesterday and I'm starting to question myself if I can actually walk in them lol. I totally want to start wearing heels and you are now my inspo/Heel-guru lol. If you can walk up SF hills wearing heels (lol) then I can walk the damn sidewalk wearing heels lol.

    Anyway, they're super cute and I love the silver one! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


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