Next Year

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It's Jan 2nd but I'm still going to post my New Year's outfit because I wore it for a solid two days and just haven't found the time to post it, but finally here it is the stereotypical shiny shiny new years outfit.   I heard if you aren't metallic or shiny you aren't new yearing right (that's not a word but let's ignore that)  Apparently you have to sparkle in the moonlight as we enter a new year.  

What I love about my dress from Forever21 is how it drapes because let's get real you do not want to wear a tight tiny dress to a New Year's party.  By having a draped dress it both fits my body but gives me some cover which is great because no lie during New Years I scarfed down a shitload of cheesy bread.  Never forget too that adding tights to a party dress can add a little which is why I added my silkies tights
Another big tip when wearing a tight dress is to layer all that jewelry. Layering jewelry distracts and also balances your body if need be when wearing a tight outfit. 



  1. You look lovely!! Hope you had a fun time, happy new year!x
    Holly x

  2. Hahaha, agreed, shiny is the way to go for New Years! :D Love the gorgeous dress and the layering of the necklaces is spot on ^^ You so prettyyy!!!

  3. Happy new year girl!!

    Eea P


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