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On Sunday I hanged out with my bff Anna! :) We went to the rock shop because Anna wanted to pick up some crystals for herself and because she wanted me to have some crystals to help me!  If you are wondering why we got them it's because Anna and I are interested in the idea of Crystal Healing (don't judge ok it's what we like!) She also said it helps with meditation which is great because I usually try to meditate once a week! 

If you are interested in crystals and are wondering why I picked those crystals I shall tell you! Most of my crystals honestly help keep me grounded and they are supposed to help me bring out inner me. Frankly I've been struggling a lot with showing my true self which is why I picked them.  Alongside that I really am interested in dream interpreting which is why I picked out my Amethyst! (they help you dream!)

I'm also letting you know that if I'm slow right now it's because I went back to school today and I'll be starting classes Monday! I admit Winter break wasn't easy on me because to be honest with you guys I was dealing with some emotional issues and finding peace again with myself!

I admit though I'm slowly feeling a lot better inside so no worries! :)


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  2. What!? You certainly seem to be showing your true self on this blog, no question about that! Those amethyst rocks are cool. I always wanted one and finally bought a small one a year or two ago. I got a very similar one that's deep blue as well, I should know the geological name but I don't.


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