Sweet Refrain

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I feel like true Allison style is when I layer on the patterns and textures. Sadly, I feel I sort of ~*~drifted~*~ away from that because with always mixing random prints and colors comes huge headaches and frustration.  

This is my attempt to slowly go back to my wacky style of  '13.  I threw on my favorite skirt of all time and matched it with my new staple cardigan.  I love how the two textures look together no lie it looks like I'm a walking scribble. For the top I stuck to wearing lace because, remember guys lace is the easiest print to mix and match with.  

Also, like the new heels? I know that it seemed like I was stuck on my ZARA boots but it only seemed like that because the rest of my heels are tucked way in my college dorm.  Which is why I'm so happy I got my hands on these Shellys London boots.  It's like I'm adding a new member to my heel squad.  They are super quiet and with that one inch platform support walking in 4 inch heels is a ~*breeze~*

SHELLYS LONDON HEELS (bought it from Urban Outfitters)

Get this look for $157+ on Lookastic: Black Wool Hat, White Lace Cropped Top, Black Leather Belt, Black and White Boucle Jacket, White and Black Print Skater Skirt, and Charcoal Leather Ankle Boots


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