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Hey guys what's up! I decided instead of trying to update you guys with a diary post I'll just do a post on its own to sort of catch you guys and tell you what I have planned for Brokehell!

As you can tell the layout has changed! I'm sorry to those that liked the old banner but frankly it doesn't have a good memory with me (if that makes sense) and I decided to remove it and just go for a simpler layout. I know there may be some tweaks that need to be made but give me a break it's 12am right now! :)

Anyway, I hope you guys dig the layout because I really like it! 

Aside from that there is another update that I want to bring you guys up to speed with and here we go!

 During Winter Break if you guys remember I experienced a small burnout and I didn't really know how to express that.   Now that I’ve gotten somewhat over that roadblock I think it's time I changed what Brokehell means to me and what I do on here so here we go!

You know Expressing yourself and showing the internet your thoughts can be scary. I admit when Brokehell was a place where I posted and talked about my love of Fashion because I wasn’t ready to express how much I love it.   When I first started I knew from the start that me sharing and talking about my thoughts would be a slow process.  I wouldn’t say I’m an emotionally hurt person but I admit I’ve been hurt and been put in positions where I had to grow up and compromise. It’s because of this I know and my friends have pointed out I’m a pretty emotionally guarded person. I think it’s somewhat okay to not want to share my scars but recently I’ve noticed I keep so much hidden from the world and for what reason?  
 I have zero reason to keep things in and to be frank I'm realizing it isn't worth it anymore.  I need to learn how to express myself more and what better way to start learning how to do then by sharing my thoughts on the internet lol.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee I’ll actually be writing legitimate diaries with my thoughts.  Don't worry I'll obviously still do outfits but seeing as I'm trying to let you guys more into my life I'll be trying to share my thoughts, experiences, and my interests a little bit more!

(but please understand it's going to happen slowly because I'm still busy with school!~)
and you know if you guys want me to shut up also feel free to say ohohoh

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  1. Well, I personally love reading about people's lives and struggles! Not in the creepy way :D but in the way that I would like to know this person, and sharing bits from their life is a way of getting closer to them and getting to know them. So I'm super happy you decided to share more with us, I'm sure people will appreciate it and you'll see, it's not that big of a deal :D


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