Don't Let it Break Your Heart

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 Happy Valentine's/Galentine's/ Single Awareness day really whatever you guys want to call it Happy  *insert word* day! 

It doesn't matter what you are doing when the opportunity to dress in pinks and red appears you should take it.  Atleast I do, because pink and red are my two favorite colors.  

Wearing different pink and red toned clothes together always look extremely cute no matter what you do.  It always gives off a very romantic and feminine feel if you are trying to go for that style.  I wore my Fuzzy pink American Apparel crop that reminds me of Pretty in Pink. That movie is pretty much my life which explains why I bought the sweater.  A-line skirts are amazing; they make your waist slimmer and for some magical reason offer a huge amount of cover which, is great considering how windy San Francisco gets.  For my fellow short girls, I usually throw in a pair of high heels like my cute ZARA ones to help balance my body out and look cute.  

 American Apparel Top
American Apparel Skirt
ZARA Heels
Forever21 necklace
Aldo Wallet

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  1. Omg, I'm crazy for pink and red, it's one of my favorite color combos! This fuzzy top is delicious, I love the mix here, you're a genius! ^_^ Oh and Happy whatever day! :D


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