FEB 21

7:10 PM Allison K 1 Comments

The homework life is a real life in college.  All of my free time is taken away because I'm busy chipping away at the mountain of homework I have.  No lie, once I finish my first thought is man I need a nap.  It's fine though, because working with classmates always makes doing homework a fun time; especially, since we go to cafes. 

 It's mainly the thought of drinking a warm chai latte from a cafe that drives me out of bed in the morning and it's working with my classmates and sharing the mutual frustration that keeps me at the cafe for four hours.  

(Thanks pictureless Adrienne for the pics!)

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  1. Working with classmates was always a pleasant time for me, too! We used to go to the student librabry and spent there some 5-6 hours. It's fun to drink coffee, study and share opinions. I love your post :)


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