FEB 23

4:31 PM Allison K 2 Comments

 Do you ever just have this weird drive to finish up all of your homework in one night?  That's pretty much what I did last night.  No lie, I really enjoy having a decent amount of schoolwork to do;  although, I admit it sometimes keeps me away from working on the blog and answering emails (my bad guys I live the #collegestruggle)  

If you want to know my daily life it goes like this:

I wake up
hangout with a classmate
take a nap + do more homework
go out with another friend to do homework
take a nap

(this list is reversible)

It's ok because when I do go out I eat Sunday Brunch or drink Boba, and that makes my heart happy


  1. Oh my god the food looks so good (I'm so hungry right now!) Lovely collection of pics!x
    Holly x

    1. lol looking at it now I feel hungry too lol!


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