FEB 24

10:44 PM Allison K 1 Comments

  This is me when I'm done shooting blog pictures.

 Life is slowly settling down for me. Of course, not in a boring way! I have a daily schedule and life is becoming busier for me!  Although, I admit my daily schedule includes going out to eat with friends!  I finally reached a place where I feel happy inside.  Each day I'm learning more and growing up in a healthy way than before. Everyday there seems to be something for me to do whether it be alone or with others.  Finding the comfort and balance to be okay alone or with a group of people has always been a challenge for me. 

Now that I finally found the balance, life has became fulfilling again. I feel like I've finally regained some control over my life and it's amazing.  

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  1. This sounds wonderful!! Balance truly is the key! xx



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