FEB 26

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I'm Trying to be Spider-Man 

It kind of looked like a Moon and a star carved in the ground 

 Today's adventure included me helping my favorite Libra Krystyn with a quick photo shoot; then, out of the blue texting my classmate Wamil if she would love to have some brunch.   I love the feeling of contacting and asking a classmate to hang, it never really hit me till recently that most of my classmates are so down to hang and that all it takes is a simple text or a conversation in class to set the date.  It's a pretty big step for me considering I used to be so shy and reluctant to make the first step in contacting someone.

  I'm also aware how Wednesday adams meets The Coven I look today it's okay though it caused me to meet a random dude from my campus to strike a conversation with me which was awesome.  I love it when people actually strike a conversation with me (in a non creepy way)  when I'm wandering around the city.

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