Laziness Has Struck

11:57 PM Allison K 4 Comments

Sometimes I just forget how to pose when doing outfit shots. I don't know man I feel like it's a combination of I don't feel comfortable or I'm just not feeling it.  It's just like oh shit time to go into awkward turtle mode!!!

Anyway, still technically a diary post because this outfit isn't a serious outfit post and because well I don't have a lot of shots for it. whoops.  

Before the strap on my Cameo The Label top broke I decided to try to wear this top and add on a jacket. Let me tell you structured items are a pain in the ass to layer but I think I kind of got it.  I decided to add my green military jacket to tone down the femininity of it.  

No lie, I was feeling lazy and I had class that day so I threw on a pair of pants. Remember my friends gray pants usually add a spin at an outfit compared to black pants. 

I'll catch you later dudes with an outfit post Thursday!


  1. Loving the khaki! your outfit is completely gorgeous, and can I honestly say that to me, you resemble a gorgeous little version of Pixie Lott; adorable! Keep blogging, because you're a beautiful little inspiration
    ~Sara from

    1. Thank you! awwwww that is super sweet thank you so much :)

  2. Laziness or not, you always rock it out girl!



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