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  To be frank currently I'm going through some serious toning and dying jobs with a hair stylist I absolutely love because last semester my hair became extremely splotchy and uneven
Anyway, the point is my hair is more inclined to tinting back to a yellow tone because my stylist is still working on stripping my color out.  
Tinting when your hair is extremely blonde actually happens pretty fast honestly and you can only slow it down and if you guys don't know it's by using purple shampoo.

Luckily Naissant was kind enough to send me some purple shampoo to try out!  Honestly I've used different purple shampoos and no lie I really like theirs!  When my hair dried I noticed it helped tone down the yellow a decent amount! Considering it's only a purple shampoo that's really awesome! The formula is fairly thick which I like because a problem I've noticed with some of my purple shampoos is it doesn't really stick to your hair. The reason I prefer if it sticks to my hair because it allows me to sort of have a purple shampoo hair mask. 

*life hack* no lie you can even use purple shampoo as a mask and leave it in your hair for a few hours to do some toning yourself!

So go check out Naissant or you can buy it from Amazon!

**this product was given to me for free**


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