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Second semester so far is the type where I'm sitting at my desk most of the time trying to do homework.  Luckily, all my friends are the type to arrange hangouts where we sit and do homework.   

When we finally have free time we end up taking each other's outfit photos then going out to eat.

That's basically the sum up of my semester so far. Let's proceed with the diary.

I made it a goal to try every Chai Latte I can in this city and then proceed to decide which is the best. Wish me luck

I was thinking about dogs when this photo was taken

My fav person Mana!

Me in my natural habitat..just kidding no one texts me

Sometimes I just look angry when I walk. Sometimes I throw my hands up in the air like I just don't care. I know there is bitchface but maybe we should start a thing called bitch walk

You'll get an outfit post for this probably Thursday! ;)
(also can you tell I'm trying to improve and focus on doing better diaries for you)


Thank you for the super nice comments! :-) Sorry if I don't respond to all of them but I do read them and they do make me smile hehe