What a Throwback

5:16 PM Allison K 1 Comments

Sometimes I admit I have outfits that I took and just never got around to posting.  Sometimes it's simply because I don't dig the outfit much anymore. This is one of those outfits but I decided to post it anyway because I think I look like Mickey Mouse.

Okay enough with all my negative talk! I shall talk to you about the outfit. It was a Thursday and I was trying to go for a casual but nice look. The way to do that? Throw on a body hugging mini skirt! Aside from the creeps that say very annoying comments a mini skirt always does the trick. It makes your legs longer and it's perfect for layering need I say more?  I wanted to keep the fun in my outfit and matched my metallic cardigan. Pretty sure looking at it now I was channeling my inner Mickey Mouse. It explains why I wore my black crop top!

If you guys ever get any news that I'm going to Disneyland feel free to remind me to wear this exact outfit! Promise guys!?


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  1. What type of annoying comments do guys say? :(
    I would say your legs look grrrrreat! It makes a big difference that you look so confident too. (Wearing a mini skirt but acting all shy and uncomfortable can kind of ruin the look.)
    I hope that's not the annoying type of comment.


Thank you for the super nice comments! :-) Sorry if I don't respond to all of them but I do read them and they do make me smile hehe