Working With A Blanket

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 I know you want to jump through the screen and take a nap

Adrienne swooped by to my room and recently, she has been teaching me the art of taking more editorial shots for ze blog.  Instantly, I thought of the idea of using a blanket as a backdrop.  Of course, here are some of the shots. ( selfies...)

I love this blanket The Ankit was kind enough to gift me! It's super warm, super soft and I love the print so much.  (Can I take this blanket to my history class because, it's so cold in there) No lie, I'm a sucker for a good print blanket.  It could stem from the fact I like to use my blankets also as backdrops....

Check out they have really cute stuff like earphones, home decor, and extremely cute phone cases! c:

*disclaimer* The blanket was gifted to me for review

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  1. I love the use of the blanket, it's such an simple idea but adds a total different take on your pictures!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane
    Instagram @lucysb_


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