Memorable Quotes Instead of Actual Text

11:17 PM Allison K 3 Comments

"Oh my god Allison, we're like actually living the college life right now" 
-Enrique while working on midterms

"Thank you Enrique for taking my college experience....virginity???"

Daily Allison thoughts:

"Shit my legs are starting to look super muscular from these fucking SF hills"

"I'm so used to hanging out with people in their 20s I don't think I can hang out with people my own age"

"I want flaming hot cheetoes"

Also Enrique story:

"oh my god, Enrique what I just laid down on the ground and just gave up because midterms stress would you be like ALLISON GET YOUR ASS UP??"


"Oh no girl, I would leave you there because I support you in everything you do and choose"



  1. haha whoooo! Yay for real friends :]
    lol sounds like some awesome Allison & Enrique adventures


  2. Those are true friends alright, support to the max, and then when you fail you can't say to them "but you told me to do so!!!"

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