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It's Monday Tuesday and I'm post a Saturday diary.  That's what I like to call running Allison late.  Speaking of late Clarissa and Ben came 2 hours later than the time they told me they would visit me at. 
It's fine because, it made my day was seeing my two homies from back home.  It was a little bit of a sentimental day with Ben leaving for the Navy tomorrow but it was sure as hell fun.  

Also say hello to Clarissa the finally admitting film major! 
Maybe during summer we'll start filming projects together *wink*

I'll see you guys tomorrow with another diary and Thursday with an outfit hehe

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  1. Oooo those food pictures are absolutely divine looking. It's making my mouth water as I further continue to type this comment lol.

    I really love this outfit on you! I like how you layered the two jackets together, especially my favorite jacket you go on the inside that I'm obsessed with! LOVE!



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