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I don't know how I did it but I decided to stray a bit from my usual style and give myself the challenge of styling sneakers. I know, it's such a big deal considering for the last year this blog has been around I have always showed my soft hatred for anything flat footed.
Times have changed and I somehow convinced myself to style sneakers for a week.  It's basically a style challenge. 

If you really can't stand me wearing sneakers that much, uh just don't visit Brokehell for a week. I'll be back next week with my normal style and heels lol.

(I'm also only 5"3 so if I look short then that's the reason)

By the way, the theme song for this week is Sneaker Night by Vanessa Hudgens lol


Thank you for the super nice comments! :-) Sorry if I don't respond to all of them but I do read them and they do make me smile hehe