The Tide is High

9:46 AM Allison K 2 Comments

Photos by Adrienne Yap

Warning, I've been up since 10am of yesterday working on midterms and so the following blog post may not make any sense. (but let's pray it does)

In today's outfit I was inspired by the 1993 Marc Jacob's grunge show. This totally explains why I decided to throw on huge chunky boots with a long dress and cropped flannel.  This my friends is a modern take on the 1993 grunge inspired show.  

Since I'm a shortie whenever I wear long dresses I try to wear cropped jackets like my cute flannel cropped jacket from Moooh!!  That's the Brokehell logic behind styling drowning dresses.  Lastly, keep in mind too, that slits are your best friends when you are not that tall.

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  1. Brilliant layering as always, this grunge inspired outfit is kicking ass my dear! ^^


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