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 Lush did this bomb.com thing where if you went to Union square and whispered a secret word to a worker dressed as a bunny you get a carrot! With the carrot you can get a free shower bar!!! whoooo they also served cute cupcakes in the store!

Thu took me out to this awesome brunch place in the Castro. Nothing is more better than having eggs Benedict with avocado and salmon! After picking up some coffee in the mission, we headed to Dolores to chill out.  Since San Fran beaches are friggen cold Dolores is basically our beach. It's full of people sunbathing and drinking a cold beer.

I know I go out to eat a lot. It's because college dining life is a lie. It's not really that great and last semester I broke out from eating there lol. ~*~never will go there again~*~*

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