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1.) Went out to brunch with Enrique on Easter Sunday. If you guys watch Portlandia (and if you don't please consider binge watching it on netflix) then you would know there was an episode where they spent the whole morning trying to get brunch; that was Enrique and I.  Everywhere w crowded because of Easter, like we went to three different restaurants before we finally found a place.

2.) Mana and I are cheesy show hosts with our matching blazers + friend date with her!! We got Thai and saw Furious 7

3.) For visual class Thu and I had to research home furniture; we ended up sitting on a couch then after pictures we got Japanese.  (she got kimchi fried rice)

4.) Thu took me to the Everlane Open Studio event. We stood there awkwardly and ate the bacon bread. Good ass times right there


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