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 Photos by: Thu Tran

Sorry for not updating for the last few days! To catch you up I finally finished school and let me tell you it was one giant stressful adventure just to finish. Alongside that I worked full shifts during the week. On Friday, It was checkout day so I had to drive my car into the city and move everything out of my dorm along with Adrienne's stuff. It was a nightmare and I can honestly say I have not had a real relaxing day for a solid week now.  

Anyway, for the outfit I shot this a while back so it's a little bit more put together than my recent outfits. I decided to dress a little bit out of my comfort zone so I wore a bomber jacket with a baseball hat. I swear, this past week I've been dressing in neutrals or all black. Welcome to Fashion school where everyone wears dark colors.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of updating constantly but if not give it a week or two because I still have some things I need to sort through and thanks for understanding guys! :)



Thank you for the super nice comments! :-) Sorry if I don't respond to all of them but I do read them and they do make me smile hehe