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I've honestly known about Monki for a really long time but now I finally decided to check them out on Asos and I'm obsessed. Maybe it's because I'm trying to wear simpler pieces that focus a little bit more on the cut (idk idk)
So I made a wishlist that I'm planning on spending my paycheck on instead of rent. 
(jk I'll still pay rent) 

I'm planning on not posting outfits for the next week just fyi. I'm finally taking a blogging break that Keit (thanks again for being supportive n just rad as shit ily) suggested a while back and now I'm finally going to do. I plan on playing some video games, watching game of thrones and doing giant photo shoots with Thu :) 

(so I'll come back with prettier pictures)


  1. Monki is one of my favourite online stores to browse but I never buy anything, I love these pieces!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. I wish i could order from their site but urghh I live in the US! I know right so cute and simple!


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