These Days Pass Me By

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 Photo by: THU TRAN

 I love this vest, I really do. It apparently comes in three different colors but in my opinion black is the best color. It's summer and I'm not going to wear sleeves with a vest because I think it looks weird so I instead wore my grey sweater vest. I love this sweater so much it reminds me of the American Apparel Fisherman metallic sweater except it's sleeveless.

I really think I need to go skirt shopping because I keep wearing my Zara skirt. Luckily it's sales day so I'll be sitting on my bed browsing through it all.

Be warned though when shopping for a skirt because it's easy to get sucked into the prices. I always suggest Nasty Gal, H&M, and even Asos depending on the brand for a nice skirt. I say this because I bought a Forever21 skirt only for it to rip after wearing it for an hour. 

I could have spent that $22 at a NastyGal or Asos sale *sigh*


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