Been There Done That

6:09 PM Allison K 3 Comments

We have to make these photos as natural as we can so we decided it would be okay if I continued to hold my coffee cup. 

If I could narrate myself it would sound like this:
"Here in the wild we have a wild potato named Allison carrying her coffee cup a daily ritual for this specimen."
That was me trying to pretend my life could possibly be on The Discovery Channel.

With a sweater so huge it only makes sense to layer a flatter bottom or in this case dress! It keeps you from looking like a potato sack and if you got to go a cute party later then you're set because you got a cute ass dress! 



  1. Love that sweater! Great look :) x

  2. Rofl, you are my favorite kind of potato, a stylish one! :D Discovery channel is about catching crabs and ice trucks or whatever, or was that History channel, nevermind....
    I love this sweater, I can melt in it, so comfy!


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