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With blogging starting to become a thing with me again it's time for another diary!! In a sum up I've had work, which is a drag and it's causing me to have the worst breakout in my life.

And you know I've just been chilling and eating brunch and sushi like always.
 I went to Outerlands SF which is apparently a big thing here and got an organic grilled cheese with avocados. Man, I don't know why I love avocados but I just do. I read somewhere apparently it's a Bay Area thing to have an extreme love of avocados but idk idk idk

Other that most days are filled with me shooting with Thu. Seriously, partnering up with her as been great like through are collaborating we're figuring out ways to improve the quality and to make the blog more me again. Regardless, if this blog gets popular or not I'm just enjoying now that this can be a portfolio project for Thu and I.


  1. It looks like you're having a blast there! Dude, I seriously have a huge thing for avocados too! They're just so damn GOOD!

    xx AlexisSplash



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