I Can't Hear You

12:22 AM Allison K 1 Comments

 I try to take advantage of the sunny days here in San Francisco because I'm highly traumatized by how windy and cold it gets here in the winter. My whole winter and fall is basically me wearing skirts everyday and watching it fly all over the place. One time a lady in the Tenderloin literally kept screaming behind me OH I SAW IT and I literally kept thinking I get it now shut the hell up.

By the way I'm not talking about the part of a meat ok!! The tenderloin is a area in San Francisco where the crime supposedly happens and it's a sketch place to be in at night...
Although, I've walked there at 11 at night to go to a party and I was wearing a pretty mini skirt so really how sketch is it??

Blue and orange work together and I keep forgetting that. I remember the moment it finally hit me super hard was when I saw a dude wearing a bright ass orange shirt and deep ass blue pair of running shorts, and I thought huh a guy wearing those colors maybe it is a thing???


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  1. Love the kimono! Such a pretty location too, enjoy the sunny weather!



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