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Mana, Enrique, Thu and I went out for brunnnnch. We went to the usual spot which is Cafe Flore down in the Castro. Along with that we stopped by to try Hot Cookie and got a dick shaped cookie. I'm being real you can't walk down the castro without anyone commenting on you eating that dick up

So funny story, back in first semester every fashion student had to take Drawing For Fashion which in a sum up means you sit for six hours and draw naked people. Yes we do draw naked people.

So there was this old man nude model who we always had to draw and believe me it was so awk. When I first went to the Castro Thu and I saw him walking down the street STILL NAKED with a tube sock covering his dick. Flash forward to Enrique going with Thu to the Castro THEY SAW HIM AGAIN IN THE SAME LOCATION.  Finally when all four of us were there WE ALL SAW HIM AGAIN IN THE SAME PLACE.

I guess you know our nude model just loves being seriously naked. 
Oh and if you ever go to the Castro and see him then you guys have lost your Castro virginity.


  1. Okay, I must be missing something here, what is this Castro and why are people naked there? :D As for the drawing part, I always wondered why do all the artsy people think the human body is something beautiful and unique, it's not, it's hairy and stinky!
    Lol, now, that dick shaped cookie is something unique!

    1. So in San Fran the Castro is like a liberated district and also where a lot of gay people love to hang so it's pretty much a chill place and most people don't care how they come off or if they dress naked ahaha! Heck yeah all our models were hairy lol!!! yes it is a bloody hehehe

  2. Oh, and are those Bloody Marrys I see?


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