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I recently bought the UNIF Vault Heel from their website for $109 which is pretty decent for a pair and after wearing it for a week, I have a few things to mention!

-For the most part the heel part doesn't bother me and the heel drop isn't super shocking. The foor part of the shoe is soft so it's comforting.

-Beware of the middle strap it may cause you blisters when trying to break it in.

-The heel is fairly soft and you will never hear the heel make a sound

-The two hoops are fairly loud but to be honest if you're used to loud clicking sounds like me you learn to ignore it.

Overall I think it's a great statement shoe as long as you are aware before buying of these soft issues. 

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  1. thank-you so much for the review! Was deliberating over purchasing these and now I can't wait to do a style post on them ;) Love your pics!




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