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I've been doing this shit for two years now can you believe it? Brokehell has came a long way and has grew to become such an important thing in my life.  Brokehell has been there when I was depressed, helped me find my place again, and helped me forget about stupid boys. Being Brokehell has given me a lot of purpose and direction.

Even though I threaten to quit a lot really at the end of the day I could never walk away from it because it's become me and it has become my other person.

Anyway, happy two years putting up with my ass

and thanks to my sponsers and collaborators you've been great to me and have worked with me even when I was shit.

(also thanks 2 Keit for really helping me feel better, always writing funny comments, n being gr8)

Also thanks Thu for becoming the photographer

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  1. Happy two year bloggerversary! I have loved reading your blog for the past year and will continue to do so!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane


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