11:35 PM Allison K 2 Comments

 Basically summing up all of my Instagram photos for you right here.

I'm legit all about the Man bun; partially because my bangs are such shit now it only feels right to tie it up and try to hide it. 

If you guys want a man bun don't let anyone stop you!!!
This one bitch at work legit said to me take that shit down it looks awful

Hold up
hold the fuck up

who r u 2 me to say that?????
forget u!!!!


  1. Rofl, is it a bad thing I hate the man bun on men, but I love it on girls? You look adorable with a man bun, such strong eyebrow game! Also, are you still studying? When wil it eeeend!?

  2. Also forgot to say, the work bitch, she must be jelaous of your smoking hotness!


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