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Yesterday, I got cursed at by a hobo and had to let a man walk me to work and awkwardly hit on me I may add but it's chill because I received an IrresistibleMe Diamond Bar Hair Straightener!

 Nice curls call for a selfie spam

First off packaging and shipping is pretty solid. 
 The delivery man brought it to my door which first off is a plus since I lived in a closed building.
The iron was well packaged and well protected it even came in a very nice box.
For those who get nervous about shipping don't worry they are on top of it~

My only con 
is I personally don't like the switches on the inside but that's more of a personal preference. In it's defense I will add that the switches are big and easy to click and adjust which I personally love because I have used irons where you have to press semi-hard on the switch.  

It's a solid straightener and I'm pretty impressed which is something because most of the time I have atleast several issues with my irons It's light,thin, and heats up extremely high which is great because I need extremely high heat and a thin smooth iron to get my super duper curls back after a week or two of not washing my hair.

So check out the Diamond Bar iron I friggen dig it :)


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