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Before I post the real diary I got some updates for you guys :^)

 Getting Brokehell branded on my arm in a lot of ways was me coming to terms what Brokehell means and has done for me and it's been a rocky struggle  figuring out what to do with it now. You guys have been great and I've come far it's to the point where I feel like I have control over Brokehell again.
To sum up, I'm basically saying I'm going to try to give you quality (which means less posts)
 I want Thu and I to focus and improve the quality, which is why I decided to almost stop taking sponsorships/collaborations (unless Thu or I really wants it then I'll say yes but for that I have to already know the brand/ would actually pay money for the bramd etc)
(*note* I still have some collaborations I have just in case you see a post)

My collabs have been great and I realized the reason why I don't want to blog is because I feel like I can't give enough to the amazing collaborators and companies who gave me a shot. I feel like I can't give the quality and at the moment I want Thu and I to improve the outfit shots without feeling pressured to get a post up.

That's the update pretty much. So *winks* look out for the posts
(especially when Thu comes back, we'll have some bomb ass shots)


  1. I think brands usually figure the statistics themselves and they give someone a shot if they think this would bring more visits and customers. If everything goes to plan, they keep the collaboration going. So, I really think that whoever contacts you and keeps the collaboration juices pumping, then they certainly get a payoff in return. Also, I love your shots, the only thing I personally think needs improving is perhaps the angles of the shots, maybe do more close ups, more quirky poses :D more back and side shots etc. I love your stylings and I think brands are lucky to have you! As for the blog posts, I'd love to see a little more text in them, maybe some random thoughts, or what inspired you, or whatever dude, I just want to hear and see more from you, cause I like ya *wink wink* :D

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