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*Bulk of the Pictures stories*

Yesterday was Mana's birthday brunch! We went to Kitchen Story in San Francisco! It was alright to be honest, I feel like the food wasn't anything super groundbreaking and compared to come other brunch places I've been to it was chill. The one thing that pissed me off was the service; we sat outside and just getting someone to serve us was fucking terrible and a waiter even said oh..I'm not serving you let me get someone else only for no one else to come...

But the Thai Tea Latte was bomb ok

Enrique and I also went to Mr.Holmes which is a very famous bakery in San Francisco. The line was fucking ridiculous but the pastry...
well actually I didn't try it I just bought it for Mana lol..
But I swear every San Francisco fashion blogger and their mother has the "I got Baked photo in SF" pic on their ig and because I am me I said no I refuse to take that pic so here is Enrique instead lol,

*Other pics*

I saw Jurassic World with Enrique and shit man it was good. The ending if you know it was fucking killer they legit threw in every crazy thing they could come up with and just rolled with it. Chris Pratt also did pretty amazing considering he came from Parks and Rec.

The movie was also could because it kept a good pace there wasn't any lagging or any SUPER unnecessary character building.

(Also thrown in are pics from other daze)

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