Beat the Heat

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After seeing so much black and white outfits I hope you guys can handle all this color right here.
Honestly, this is one of my favorite outfits so far and the styling behind it isn't as hard as you think. 
Warning you right now I'm going to go fashion school technical on your ass.

Matching two colors is easy, but matching three can be a tough one. The easiest way I manage to do so is I use the three primary colors: red, yellow, blue.
It doesn't have to be a super a saturated blue, red, and yellow but as long as it slightly tints in those three shades an outfit can be put together.

Also I was actually wearing an outfit before this but earlier that day after going to Mr.Holmes bakery we walked to my job to drop off a croissant for my manager and decided to make a stop at ZARA.
I was like nah I ain't going to buy anything but I bought this fringe jacket and red skirt. I lied to myself and I am not sorry.

Enrique and I also bought a new outfit and our reason for justifying this was it was Mana's birthday and we needed new clothes.



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  3. You are looking stunning in this Maroon short skirt. Really love your booties, perfect combination of everything.
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