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Outside Lands outfit inspirationnnnnnnn. 

 Just kidding, I'm frankly quite annoyed when people pull that. Recently all I've been seeing is Outside Land outfit inspiration and being a native Bay Area child I'm questioning why? I get at this point why Coachella does it but making all music festivals about fashion or giving guides about what to wear I think is personally ridiculous. Personally, San Francisco does not have pretty weather so honestly you are not going to look cute and it's true. I just wish we tone down the crap about dressing for a music festival and realize it's about the music and the you know just the festival. 

But personally that's just me because I acknowledge I'll never look good for concerts etc but that shouldn't even be a focus. The focus is to go and listen and belt it out to your favorite artist.


  1. YAAAAASSSS! Not only diggin the outfit, but totally agree with you on festivals as well! What happened to the good ol' days where the main focus was the appreciation of music? :(


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