I'll Let You Know

9:29 AM Allison K 2 Comments

It was friggen cold when I wore this to brunch last week and guess what just came to the Bay? A heat wave, like fucking hell this is why I need to learn to check the weather. Sadly, the way I check is by sticking my hand out the window and sort of taking a wild guess only to realize my apartment is building blocked. 

I'm a dysfunctional human being I know, this is why Thu usually takes care of the technical things.

Anyway, I'm still rocking this Brandy Melville dress; the top looks like a halter and on the actual dress there is a thin line that sort of cuts it so you can take a wild assumption where your skirt could be.

I matched my denim skirt underneath because I wanted to softly look patriotic with the red, white, and blue and also because I'm in love with this skirt. I think this may be my first skirt with pockets and I'm eating it up you guys.



  1. Looking great! Love your skirt! & I do the same, I usually just open the window, take a wild guess and hope for the best!
    Holly x
    The Twins' Wardrobe

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