I'm Walking Away

9:59 AM Allison K 5 Comments

Everytime I wear this hat I firmly believe I am an athlete. I know it's a lie, but it's a lie I'm willing to live with. On a serious note, in PE back in high school I actually never completed one single mile and instead I spent my class hour talking to my PE teacher Mr.Bro about donuts....

I got an A in P.E. by the way 

I snagged this AA skirt during their huge sale (that's still going on) and honestly I love it. It's simple and I love the shape it pretty much flatters everyone.

By the way, you're going to see this grey Topshop top for a long time, I admit I'm really addicted



  1. Awesome tattoo darling! Also love your top :)

  2. Hi gorgeous! I love this outfit, like all your outfits <3 I just scrolled through your whole lookbook and I'm amazed, I bloody love your style. I'm also obsessed with your hair and I'm dying to know how you style it. I'm considering cutting my hair pretty soon and don't really know how to style it yet. Please tell me what tools/technique/products you use cause I need to know! :D xx

    1. If you want I could do a giant post just about it because I admit I do my hair in a specific manner and it can get somewhat lengthy what I do overall! :)


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