Investing In A Wallet

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As a little girl, I remember having a wallet with a duck printed on it and putting random paper into it trying to pretend I was a high fashion adult with all these "credit cards" in my wallet. 
Years later I realized throwing random paper into my wallet made it almost a junkyard and a blackhole where all my important cards disappeared.

That's when I began to think is it time to invest in a solid wallet and I began to question is it even really necessary to shell out the money? 
(the answer is yes)

I own a Workwear Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet; which is not a big surprise for those who know me and my weird obsession for Marc Jacobs.

My Marc by Marc wasn't super bad in price, I only shelled out a solid $200 for my wallet. A bit pricey but hey no regrets here. For those who are hating on my specific Marc by Marc style; he also offers different styles for his name brand's wallets in different price ranges. The only reason I bought my MBM Workwear wallet was because I hate zips and I love wallets that can fold out because I can see my inventory straight up in front of me. It saves my life when I need to find a specific card and instead of shuffling through it's right there.

Also, sometimes I can't be bothered with a handbag and having a folding Marc I can honestly store my lipstick and lighter in here and walk out of the door with it.

Something about owning one makes you not ashamed to bust it out looking inside and staring at how neat everything is and all the compartments I have it makes me question why I even questioned investing in one.   Think of a wallet like your room you don't want it looking like a hot mess when someone looks at it but rather you want them to see how neat and great it is.

Personally, I have zero regrets investing in my wallet and you shouldn't either.  A good wallet that caters to your needs will take you a long way it's just up to you to decide what designer and style you want. 

Also suggested brands that sell wallets at solid prices:


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