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So on the real, I may have wore a similar outfit when I was like five except maybe add green sweat pants and a white turtleneck instead.
It was my signature outfit next to the sailor outfit and my hilary duff flared jeans I wore everyday. Oh I'm seeing the flashbacks of my everyone attacking me because of how cute I was and me being that dick baby that was like "oh hell no go away don't pick me up stranger"

that was my legit five year old thought on the real I hated when people I didn't trust picked me up because even back then I still had trust issues lol
*End of childhood flashback*

*Talking about my sunglasses*

Anyway, I think when you look too much like a child it's time to accessorize! Thanks Polette for the shades. Overall, they are a good company to buy from and they have AMZING customer service. We had a bit of a mishap (partly my fault I'm sorry and I also blame the post office here in SF) but they handled it calmly and rationally which goes a long way.

Polette is an eyewear site that offers  \optician and offer stylished glasses (from $9.99 to $49.99) and lenses (from $9.99 to $75)
The glasses are made of wood and are pretty light and good sturdy quality. What I like is also there is so middleman. What it means is they craft the glasses at their workshop and then shipped to us; no one involved and it's not hiked up in price. It's fair and it guarantees the job well done. (I'll slide in their about page for you here)

Honestly, it was a bit of a struggle deciding a pair but overall pretty worth the price.
You can buy my sunglasses here
or feel free to look around they have some super cute sunglasses.



  1. The corduroy overalls are awesome! I'm totally feeling the red with striped top! Super cute! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. fashion inspiration from childhood = best inspiration :)


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